An Introduction to Elefante Music's

Instrument Rentals

You start with a trial period

This is the number of months you will initially rent the instrument. It is paid up front in a discounted "down payment".

Your down payment (which includes tax and maintenance for the instrument) covers the entire period, with no other rental fees until the trial period ends!

Method Books and Accessories

Many schools require a specific book and accessories and we've done the work for you! Everything you will see listed in the accessory section is relevant to your school and instrument!


If you need to exchange the instrument, we're here to help! Call us to arrange an in-school exchange, or stop by our store to exchange it in person.

When your trial period ends...

You have 3 options

1.) Continue renting: your account will automatically transfer to a monthly rental (rates are shown when you select an instrument). Most of each payment can be applied to purchase the instrument!

2.) Return the instrument back to us. See below for instructions.

3.) Buy the instrument! Renters get great deals on purchases!

Returning an instrument

There are 2 ways

Return it directly to Elefante Music in New Providence or Scotch Plains any time during business hours.

Return the instrument to the school after you obtain a Return Authorization from us. Call us or use our online form at

Important note on string instruments

Violins, violas, cellos, and guitars come in different sizes to be comfortable for younger players. A new student should first be measured so that the correct size is rented.